No.6 The one where I finally play in the whole concert

My back aches.

 Its my own fault.

I’ve been pointing out that I was only in the first half of the first concert, Mozart forgot to put flutes in the requiem. Beethoven forgot to put flutes in the slow movement of his 4th piano concerto.Nobody told Haydn though, and he put the flute in every single bit of the Creation which we have just performed. So now my back aches. Its just as well Haydn didn’t decide to do the piece in real time. It really was a fantastic concert and wonderful end to our residency here in Avery Fisher Hall. Again, the place was packed and the atmosphere was electric. The soloists were magnificent, if any of you came to the show in London, you’ll know exactly what I mean. Colin was on sparkling form and the LSO chorus were astonishingly good and got a huge cheer from the audience at the end.We all went to a reception after the show at a nearby restaurant which was very kindly put on for us. It was nice to see Jane Moss who brings us over every year and treats us so well. Its 10 years since the LSO has held this residency now, with more planned for the future, and as a thank you, Lenny presented Jane with Honorary membership of the orchestra. This is given to very few people and she was very touched.

Tomorrow we leave New York for Chicago to play the pure Beethoven concert. I’m always a bit sad to leave, but I know we’ll be back soon. It feels like a second home for the band sometimes, it is all so familiar.

One thing I have discovered and won’t miss at all, is my inability to walk down any street in Manahattan without the tune to New York, New York going round and round in my head. Its driving me mad.

At least that won’t happen in Chicago, Chicago….

Oh dear.


About LSO

The London Symphony Orchestra is one of the world's top orchestras. Our home is at the Barbican Centre in the City of London where we play over 80 concerts every year, but we also spend quite a bit of time out on the road, touring all over the world. Recently we have toured to Germany, France, Russia, New York, Japan, Holland, Hungary, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland and Lithuania; and coming up this year are China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, Spain, Portugal, Florida, Romania and a return visit to New York, where we are resident at the Lincoln Center.
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