Home Again

I suppose that this technically isn’t a tour blog, as I’m actually writing this sitting in my kitchen. We returned to Stansted airport this morning, mercifully before the end of half term rush. I also feel a little guilty, as a large proportion of the orchestra had a few hours at home before rushing up to Angel Studios to record with Placido Domingo. I managed to take that off, hence the guilt-although I’m not suffering too much. But please bear it in mind next time you feel like asking a musician what they do during the day.

Last night we gave the second concert in Madrid (repeated on Sunday at the Barbican-tickets still available). Colin still used his stool, sometimes, and sadly still didn’t kick it off the stage ! Sharon (THE piccolo player) caught up with Sir Colin in the interval and asked how he was feeling. He replied that he’d felt better, but it was difficult to feel ill when we all played as beautifully as we did ! He’s so nice, and I think Sharon, judging by the far away look and teenage smile on her face, was suitably charmed. As I said in the last blog, he’s not man of the year for nothing.

Before the blog masters at LSO towers start getting twitchy at my irreverence, although I know Sir Colin wouldn’t, I suppose I should tell you about the concert!

Schubert’s unfinished symphony is always a favourite of mine. This is partly due to there not being anything terribly difficult for the flute in it. I am always astonished at the blend of sound my woodwind colleagues get in the main theme in the first movement. When the oboe and clarinet play in unison, even though I am sitting right beside them, they sound like one instrument. It really is incredible, I feel like I’m intruding when I have to join in.

Bruckner 6 is a strange work in my opinion. I think its one of those love it or hate it kind of pieces. I know Andrew Marriner is evangelical in his enthusiasm for it, I am a little more unsure. Last night was the second time I have played it with Sir Colin, and it really did start to make sense. Once again, his mastery of the architecture of the whole piece makes for a great performance. I think that the string section all deserve a medal for playing more tremolo bowing than it is polite to ask for. There was a small amount of relaxation for aching joints after the show in the various bars and restaurants, but not too much as we had a very early start this morning.

Its always nice to get home after a tour, although I suppose it doesn’t really finish until Sunday night in London. But I do get to stay in my favourite hotel for a few nights before we welcome Valery back for more Mahler next week.

If you are coming, enjoy the concert on Sunday.

I will.

About LSO

The London Symphony Orchestra is one of the world's top orchestras. Our home is at the Barbican Centre in the City of London where we play over 80 concerts every year, but we also spend quite a bit of time out on the road, touring all over the world. Recently we have toured to Germany, France, Russia, New York, Japan, Holland, Hungary, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland and Lithuania; and coming up this year are China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, Spain, Portugal, Florida, Romania and a return visit to New York, where we are resident at the Lincoln Center.
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3 Responses to Home Again

  1. Barbara Hammond says:

    Hello. I have just discovered this website and blog because I have a Google Alert for Placido Domingo. I shall continue to visit as I like reading about music and behind the scenes. I am a supporter/subscriber of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.
    Glad you enjoyed Madrid – I know Spain quite well.

  2. David Hobbs says:

    This is really a comment for Barbara Hammond, so I should probably include the words Placido Domingo in order to attract her attention.

    Just to say that, if she has not already done so, I would strongly recommend her to book for one of Simon Trpceski’s concerts playing Saint Saens Piano Concerto No 2 all over New Zealand in June and July. Simon made a brilliant debut with the LSO playing this concerto 18 months ago.

    When is he returning to the LSO?

  3. Barbara Hammond says:

    Yes, I am going to a concert with him on June 20 as part of my subscription. Thanks for your reply

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