Pre Concert Talks…er…reviews?

The first concert with Kristjan Järvi went down very well indeed. With a programme that included Rhapsody in Blue and West Side Story, it’s not really surprising and the audience applauded wildly at the end. It was very nice to see him sitting at the back of the auditorium for the whole of Sir Colin’s rehearsal the next morning though. Just goes to show that you never stop learning. We were rehearsing one of Sir Colin’s favourite pieces, Berlioz Fantastic symphony, always a great experience, but certainly for me personally, one of the most exhausting. No matter how many times you play this piece, or any other for that matter, it never gets any easier. When you are in a different time zone and a very humid concert hall, it gets harder. I became more relaxed on the way to the hall after I spotted the information sign for the orchestra. It announced that we were playing Perlioz and Mozard. A bit of Amadeus is always tricky but as for Perlioz? Hmm. The organisers were obviously concerned for our welfare, so they had very kindly organised two ‘couches’ to take us to the concert hall. I could get used to this lifestyle.

Despite the well upholstered ride I was still nervous about the forthcoming concert. I guess that’s a good thing really but still, it’s nice when it’s over sometimes. As we were warming up backstage I was passed a glowing review of the previous night’s concert. However it wasn’t until I reached the end and there was a description of the Mendelssohn Violin concerto and Sir Colin’s conducting that I realised it was a review of the concert that we were about to play! Now I know there is a new Doctor in the Tardis this week but as far as I’m aware he hasn’t stepped up to the level of music critic yet.

The review, seeing as you asked, was very favourable. It didn’t mention me personally but nonetheless the critic was a very perceptive individual indeed.

After feeling very tired and nervous at the outset, a combination of a nice comfy couch to the hall and review which meant that I already knew the concert would go well, I felt strangely relaxed and the concert did indeed go well. I’ve got a recital in a couple of weeks. If there are any critics reading this (and I know you do), a favourable review in advance would be most welcome and I promise not to change the programme at the last minute to cause embarrassment.

On a personal note, I have been doing a lot of swimming in the sea on this trip as I am doing a triathlon in Hyde Park on April 18th. It’s for charity. If you have enjoyed reading this free blog over the years maybe you might like to sponsor me? No pressure, but I am suffering a lot so all contributions are welcome. Follow this link and it will do the business for you.

Gotta go. India is calling…

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3 Responses to Pre Concert Talks…er…reviews?

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  2. Tam Pollard says:

    Darn! I felt sure I must have the record for quickest review having sometimes published within mere hours of the concert, but I just can’t compete with that.

    Or can I? Pre-emptive review:

    LSO principal flautist gave an impressive and enjoyable reciatal with playing unlike any I’ve heard before. 😉

  3. LSO says:

    Now you see, it’s been cancelled Tam! Very perceptive though, less of a review, more of a minority report!

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